While Some Of Us May Attend Church Totally Online And Others May Attend A Physical Location, There Are Some Of Us Who Are Unchurched - Don't Or Won't Attend A Church, We Are Still Connected!

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Verse of the Day Meditations

Verse of the Day Meditations is a devotional where I take a passage of scripture, and based on a topic or a word as a focus, use the King James Version of the bible, and then use an alternate bible version or commentary, with the hope of making the passage a little more personal and a little more applicable. (Click to read)

Bible Study To Go

Bible Study To Go is web text-based, websited with posts on social media. So: 1). It's convenient (you can participate by posting comments and questions on your schedule) and it doesn't have to interfere with any other bible studies, 2). It's reflective (you have time to think about the questions and apply your thoughts throughout the day and the week), 3). It's as personal and engaging as you want to make it (Use it as personal study or group study. You can invite others to the group or create your own group.).

Bible Study To Go is integrated with the Verse of the Day Meditations to help solidify the lessions.

Community Engagement Opportunities

Our Mission is to provide spiritual encouragement, education, prayer and practical help to live a connected and engaged life. to the church.

Verse of the Day Meditation

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Verse of the Day Meditations - God's Purpose For Us Is To Trust Him: Stay On The Path 
Isaiah 42: 10 - 17 [16] 
KJV And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them. 

EEV (modified)
As the LORD told the Children of Israel, He tells us. He will lead us, who are physically and figuratively blind, by ways that we haven't known. He will be our guide along paths that are new to us. He will make the dark places in front of us into light places. And He will make the rough places flat. Those are things that God said that He will do. He promises that He will not leave His people - us by ourselves. Have a Great Week! Stay safe and help keep others safe.
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The Church Connected Ministries

The Church Connected Ministries are designed to be biblical, practical and community focused. And through our volunteers and donations we're able give to worthy causes and those in need.

Academy of Holistic Christian Living: Providing Holistic Christian education, coaching and empowerment. 

 SW Graphix: Creative arts focusing on writing articles, training and devotional materials, comics, artwork and website creation
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Spirit Warrior Fitness is Everyone who is on the journey of Spiritual Fitness, Strength, Confidence and Freedom. 

We provide information, resources and coaching on Spiritual Wellness, Fitness and Self Protection Principles.
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Fly 4 The Low serves as a consulting firm that will assist men on how to dress fashionably for an affordable price! Looking and feeling good shouldn't have to break the bank and we would be honored to show you how to "maximize your wardrobe potential...affordably."
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