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Celebrate Victory Over Death

On The Way To The Cross Bible Study

Foundational Verses

[Jesus] humbled Himself, by becoming obedient to the point of death – even death on a cross! (Philippians 2:8 NET)

The Crucifixion - A Medical Perspective

How Did Jesus Really Die?

On the road to the cross, Jesus and His disciples were coming close to Jerusalem and arrived at Bethphage. The name Bethphage means house of unripe figs. That name is demonstrated later in the chapter.

Now, Jesus knowing His purpose and what needed to be accomplished, told two of His disciples to go into the village and get an unridden donkey so that He can ride into the city on.

In telling his disciples to get the donkey, He didn’t tell them to ask the owner of the donkey whether they could use the donkey. It is thought that there was a previous discussion of the donkey’s use with the owner. But, just in case the owner or someone else might question the disciples about what they are doing, all that needed to be said was, “The Lord needs them…”

The owner or someone watching the donkey and colt may not know the disciples by sight, but the owner knows the Lord. Because of his knowledge and relationship with Jesus, the owner had already made the choice to give the donkey and colt to Jesus.

In short, not knowing the time, day or means that Jesus may want to use the things that've been entrusted to us, we must predetermine that we will trust Jesus and give Him our all.

Preparing for Resurrection Sunday and Beyond - Celebrate Your Victory!

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